It is hard to disagree that today’s global business environment continues to bring additional competition into the local marketplace on a daily basis, adding increased pressure on profits and cash flow. Volatile credit markets with no relief in sight and financial institutions dealing with their own capital issues continue to limit credit availability to organizations experiencing financial stress. These issues, together with scores of others, are forcing companies to de-lever their capital structure, improve operations, rethink their business model, shed non-core assets and find alternative methods to generate working capital liquidity. These external influences, together with normal business cycle trends and technological advancements, will cause more companies to experience operational and financial stress that will require third party intervention.

FINLEY makes the difference
The Finley Group has built its stellar reputation on consistently achieving significant results no matter how difficult the situation. Our professionals' abilities complement each other, giving The Finley Group remarkable depth and scope. We have created a unique team which is able to move with exceptional quickness and can find solutions to even the most severe problems. An organization must recognize the challenges today’s management teams are faced with in just dealing with the complexities of day to day business activities without the added burdens associated with leading a turnaround initiative. The Finley Group professionals bring valuable advice, industry recognized certifications, and best practices into these situations and provide experience in dealing successfully with the renewal process. Without The Finley Group, a company's chances of achieving a successful turnaround may be greatly diminished.