In today’s world of global economic uncertainty and complex business environment, traditional courses of action, in-house management expertise and best practices may not be enough. The guidelines are changing daily; old ways of thinking may not be relevant. A real concern should be; do I have the needed resources in place to save a client relationship and/or to maximize recoveries? You need a partner that can aid you and your clients in adapting as the playing field and rules continue to change.

FINLEY makes the difference
As you assemble your professional team, adding The Finley Group Financial Advisory Services professionals is paramount. Relevant experiences, both operational as well advisory, important industry certifications, together with a goal- related will to win, describe our senior team. As operators and senior managers, we recognize the need to control professional fees and expenses yet business activities, and the need for third party assessments, litigation support, inspection, refinancing efforts, and validation continue. Our seasoned professionals are not compensated based on the number of hours they bill to an engagement or the revenues generated by an assignment, but rather the quality of and dedication to each project. Our know-how, together with a low overhead cost structure and our best practices, allow us to provide national “Big Firm” professional services at very reasonable rates.